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Thursday, July 29, 2004
Wow.  I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, but I was taking time off, and it became more time off, and more time off, etc.  Then I got nervous to check my blog, so I didn’t check it for a long time, and it was a whole anxiety thing.  I was split between trying to just post another post, and answering all the stuff that people were commenting about.  I’m lazy.  So I just stopped for awhile. 

When I started the blog, I knew there would be all kinds of negative stuff because of what I did for a living (currently).  So I was prepared for that.  I made it my blogging policy to never be negative, never to answer flamers or trollers, never delete comments or ban people who comment (believe me, I’ve wanted to ban several—I tried once, but the fuckhead just kept going to a different place, apparently, because it didn’t stop him), and always be friendly.  What I didn’t imagine was that people would start accusing me of doing several different blogs, or commenting as other people, or being dead, or in jail, or whatever. 

I wrote this whole other post that was angry and mentioned people by name and all that, but I deleted it.  I’ve never posted another blog.  I’ve never commented as someone else, and I’ve never made an anonymous comment in my life, except once a long time ago, which I regretted (and long before I started TJ’s Place).  I’ve never commented on my own blog as anyone other than me.  When I commented that I was other bloggers, I hope most people saw that as sarcasm, because it was, in response to a flamer.

When I wrote my last post, I didn’t know I would be taking time off, so I didn’t tell anyone that, hey, I’m taking some time off now so I’ll be back after awhile.  It just happened. 

I’m not dead.  I’m not anyone else.  Sometimes I’d like to be.  I’m listening to The Who right now.  I don’t hate anyone.  Funny because “Who Are You” by The Who just came on.  Ironic?  Please don’t read anything into that. 

I took a vacation that I didn’t plan for.  Now I’m back.  Hello, everyone. 

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